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SMD Techno is the leading payment gateway solutions company in Estonia. We will assist you to create seamless experiences by bringing all of your payments together through one integration. You’ll easily shape our solution to match your business needs and it responds to vary because it happens. So, you’re always ready for love or money.

You think big. So we build big. Whether you’re already a worldwide enterprise business or you’re on your way there, we offer you an equivalent powerful payments platform in every major market. We offer our spread across France, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, India.

  • Gain an edge with market-leading technology
  • Create experiences customer will love
  • Stay ahead of regulation, risk and fraud
Our benefit
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Using real-time data visualizations will help you make sure each and every penny (or) euro is accounted for,
giving you the ability to track your daily transactions over time and monitor your sales and growth.

View on any device

Our global payment gateway is designed to unlock content in any format. Whether you’re on your desktop at home or your mobile device on-the-go, you can be rest assured that all your vital information is at your fingertips.

Sync up with other services

You can easily view your various transactions because you are your business. So, whether you’re with your phone or on your desktop, you can always be sure that everything is all in one place with real-time updates.

Scales to any size

We consistently customize form-fit solutions such as that of 500 enterprise or a small, local business. You can be worry less simply because we have the solution for you.

Why our global payment?
Our features
Get your program up and running instantly with a safe access to a multitude of flexible content creation tools, facilitation tools, and in-depth analytics.
Virtual Terminal
You can accept payments manually on your desktop or mobile device in as easy as just entering your customer’s credit card or alternative payment information or details.
Customer Database
Collect and store your customer’s contact information for email marketing campaigns to keep your audience engaged all the time.
Affiliate Management
You can take control of your business in terms of setting your reseller, affiliate, or employee rates and issue commission payouts.
Recurring Billing
We make it simple to seamlessly implement flexible billing cycles for recurring billing and membership plans.
Fraud Prevention
We are all about your security. For that reason, our proprietary and adjustable fraud prevention technology will verify transaction data and settle disputes at all times.
Chargeback Prevention
We screen all your transactions around the clock to protect your business from fraudulent transactions and chargeback issues.
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