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Quick and Easy Marketplace Setup and Launch because we are a Marketplace Apps Development Company in London and the UK
eCommerce Marketplace Development
Multi-Vendor Marketplace

What is a Multi Vendor Marketplace?

An ecommerce platform from SMD Techno which connects buyer and sellers at one marketplace. Traditional e-commerce stores have only Shop Owner and Customers. But in an Online Marketplace, there are a couple of other entities:

  • Marketplace Owner
  • Vendors/Suppliers ( in case of B2B )
  • Customers
  • Logistics and Warehouse manager ( In case of Big marketplaces )
  • Shipping Provider

There are others as well, like Dispute Manager ( in case of refund and returns ).

From Marketplace Concept to Live Product Platform

Go to market fast with a UK Digital Company starter project. Thus, whether for testing the market or seeking investment for your product idea, our starter projects will set you up for success. You can be sure that the dedicated developers will help guide you in every step of the way.

From Marketplace Concept to Live Product Platform

Hosted multi vendor marketplace software starting at €149/month* Create your Proof of Concept (POC)

  • Build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Fast Custom Marketplace Projects
  • Dedicated Development Team
Started Package Everything You Need to Start Selling

€149 / month* 50% discount for the rest of 2022. (Original price €199 / month)

  • SMD Techno Marketplace Installation
  • Onboarding Training
  • Multivendor Ecommerce Features
  • Multiple Marketplace Types
Custom Package Expert Coding For Custom Solutions

€1,500 one time Hosting and support starting at €299/month*

  • SMD Techno Marketplace Installation
  • Onboarding Training
  • Multivendor Ecommerce Features
  • Multiple Marketplace Types

SMD Techno Core Marketplace Portal Features

API Access

Build a mobile app for your marketplace and integrate with third-party applications

Private Marketplace

You can choose to make your marketplace in private that you can approve


You can choose any payment method  to integrated into your marketplace

Social Login

Users on your marketplace can register and sign in with their Facebook and Google accounts

Mobile Responsive

Your marketplace will be designed to look great as well as responsive on desktop, mobile, and even tablet

Custom Codes

Custom code feature lets you customize marketplace and add some features like currency conversion and social media buttons

Admin Portal

An administrative interface should be able to monitor activity on your platform and issue alerts


Search by keywords, dates, and categories. Moreover, use filter to sort price, names, and rating to instantly look what you are looking for


Both the admin and the seller dashboard are able to see report in graphical representation of the most viewed items, total sales or revenue

Merchant/Seller Portal

With powerful seller dashboard, you can view and manage orders and add new listings at marketplace


Our language features allow you to translate and edit the content on your marketplace to any languages of your choice


Our chat function allows users to contact sellers on the marketplace


It’s no denying that highly organized workflow operates beneath the interface to ensure perfect delivery every time

Ratings and Reviews

Generate a positive review for your marketplace will definitely help in determining high quality products and repeat transactions

Order System

We create an intuitive checkout that is effortless for the buyer while still providing the necessary security features

Product Listings

You can have shopping platform where buyers can surely get everything they need without the fuss

Starter Launch Steps

1. We Setup Your Marketplace

We install the UK Digital Company Software on a server and setup your domain so it’s ready-to-go for your convenience and ease!

2. Quick Onboarding Training Meeting

To make sure that everything’s set, we’ll have a quick screen sharing call to get you familiar with the software and help you with the first steps.

3. Start Adding Products and Sell

Go big by starting selling products fast. Also add your store hours and info, some products and categories, and start taking orders instantly!