Virtual Prepaid Card Provider Company

A virtual card is a unique 16-digit payment card number that is digitally generated and tied to your account. Virtual cards can be processed anywhere traditional card payments are accepted.

SMD Techno virtual cards allow user to minimize the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) that you share with places you buy at. Our virtual cards provided by banks are easily to use, our virtual card services make the process very simple and easy to use with a unique card for every vendor, your business is better protected from over-charges and fraud.

SMD Techno is the top Prepaid Virtual Card Solution provider company in France, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy. International Prepaid Debit Card, Visa Card, MasterCard integration Services.


Virtual Card Solution Provider

Instant access and endless uses

SMD Techno’s virtual cards are instantly generated and stored online in your account, ready for use as soon as they are created.

You can set detailed spending limits and card controls on these virtual cards. Retrieve virtual card information online for one-off online purchases, add custom controls to cards for recurring payments, or share unique card numbers with different billers for better tracking.

Issue, edit and use virtual cards instantly. Card information is securely stored in your account. Manage both virtual and physical cards in one place.

Virtual Card ships cards to your business or customers.

The various businesses that we support:

  • Advertising and affiliate agencies
  • Online travel agencies
  • PEOs and payroll providers
  • SaaS Procurement Platform
  • Disbursements (Insurance and Warranty Payouts)
  • Health Insurance, FSA, HSA, and benefits providers
  • Expense management providers
  • Financial services
  • Rewards and incentives platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Logistic and shipping
  • Social sites

Why choose our Virtual Card?

Virtual terminals represent the future of cashless payment. Hence, there are many reasons to prefer them over the traditional methods.
Below you’ll see why we love using virtual card payments.

Secure Payments
Manage your online spending securely with virtual card and approval workflows.

Spending Control
Control your online spending with transaction limits whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or for a single payment.

Fraud Protection
Most virtual credit cards allow you to freeze your cards at any time, so this means you can simply freeze the card.

Convenient for Online Shopping
Shopping online for everyday needs is smart so consider sing a virtual payment card. A virtual card protects your information online.

Payments Made Easy
With our virtual card payment solutions, all you have to do is set up a recurring payment date for your customer and you’re all set.

Complete Transparency
We provide you with up to 15 additional data fields for detailed information such as cost center or personnel number for every virtual card.

High-power technology stack for your

Virtual Card Solution

Our tech has it all so you don’t need to spend time explaining your business needs to inexperienced mobile app developers.